What Are the Merits of Using Hot Water in Carpet Cleaning?

Business organizations and residents have not realized some other effective methods of carpet cleaning. They find that the available ways of cleaning do not seem more compelling. There have been many tips trending on how to deal with stains and carpet maintenance. Many consider spot treatment as not a good way of dealing with bacteria and settling the dirt. Manufacturers dealing with carpets and other related products recommend deep cleaning at least twice a year to prolong the carpet’s durability.

You have to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your home or office to ensure a harmonious, organized space. The hot water extraction method is mixing cleaning solutions with hot water in a pile of the carpet to dislodge and extract any dirt using powerful wet vacuums.

Many reliable carpet cleaning companies have found good results using the hot water extraction method. These companies have disclosed that it is easy and provides optimal cleaning results compared with other cleaning methods. Below are simplified reasons why you should go with the hot water extraction method.

Why Prefer Hot Water?

                   Extend carpet’s lifetime

Carpets in the house are footprints for people residing in the house. Therefore, these carpets are exposed to high chances of wearing out. Dirt and dust accumulate at a very high rate into its fibers. There are ordinary vacuum cleaners sucking dirt in carpets, but it is not preferred since they cannot get rid of all dirtiness in the carpet. There are abrasive particles, dust, and fibers in the unprotected carpet which course friction in the carpet, leading to wear and damage.

Hot water extraction penetrates the inner surface, hence removing accumulated dirt efficiently. This is why hot water is preferred over cold water. The complicated part of it is that it only favors mats made from natural materials. Rags made of wool will eventually shrink due to high temperatures.

                    Fast drying

Many people find it complicated since both cold and hot cleaning water is involved. Hot cleaning leaves very little or no moisture on the surfaces because it contains water vapor that evaporates at high temperatures. There is another cleaning method using the machine’s vacuum. This machine extracts wetness on the carpet surface immediately after cleaning.

Other cleaning methods take up to two days to dry entirely as compared to steam cleaning, which takes only a few hours. Generally, this professional cleaning method prevents the appearance of mold and fiber deterioration.


There is a slight difference between professional steam cleaning and cleaning with steamer. These cleaning methods work differently, but professional steam equipment is more powerful than a steam cleaner. These cleaning machines have trunks for the allocation of high-quality cleaning products. It is combined with water and then heated to 95 degrees and immediately sprayed on mat surfaces deeply with high pressure.

 The solution is then extracted from the carpet with dissolved dirt by vacuum. This detergent combination accompanied with high temperatures break down strong bonds between dirt and textile fibers in the mat.