Ways to Remove Hair Gel from Carpet

Hair gel is one of the commonly used hair products by both men and women across the country. It can help you style your hair in any way that you want and make you look beautiful and appealing. Hair gel is a really wonderful product since it can really make a big difference in helping you look attractive.

While hair gel is great for your hair, one place where you would never want to find it is accidentally spilled on your carpet. Inadvertently spilling hair gel on your carpet fibers can be a really tough situation as it can cause the latter to become sticky and clumped together. It can also cause spots and marks which make it look ugly and dirty.

Cleaning up hair gel on the carpet can be very tough but there are ways that you can try to get rid of it completely and effectively. Try the following steps below to help you in removing the hair gel spill on your carpet with ease.

  1. Try to remove as much of the hair gel spilled on the carpet as you can immediately after the spill has occurred. This is important so that you can avoid the spill from spreading and affected other parts of the carpet. You can use a dull knife or a spoon to scoop up the hair gel but you have to be very careful when doing this task.
  2. Get some dry cleaning fluid like Carbona or rubbing alcohol, which you will use to help remove the hair gel on your carpet. Before using it though, you must make sure that it is safe to use. Try it out first by adding a few drops of the fluid onto a piece of clean white cloth and using the latter on an unnoticeable portion of the carpet. If no harm is done then you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Pour some of the dry cleaning fluid onto a clean white cloth and then use this to slowly dab the affected area of the carpet. The fluid will help in breaking down the hair gel on the carpet so that it can be removed. Blotting will slowly cause the hair gel to transfer from the surface of the carpet onto the cloth which is why you must continue to do so until you are able to clean up the mess completely.
  4. The last thing that you have to do is to rinse the area where the hair gel was spilled with a glass of water. This is to get rid of any unwanted residue that could get left behind on the carpet fibers. After rinsing the area, use a wet/dry vac or some clean rags to dry it completely before using it again.

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