The Secret to Removing a Pet Stain on Carpet

Carpets, unlike hardwood, vinyl, tile, or any hard-surfaced doors, keep your pets from slip and slides. Also, carpeting is noise muffling and your pet will appreciate the soft and cozy place it provides for a snooze.

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The only thing is that you will never keep your carpet free from carpet stains all the time. Accidents and spills cannot be avoided by most pet owners. Good thing there are secrets to removing pet stains on your carpet.

Without further due, here are tips for you to have a clean and comfortable carpet while living with your pets. It is effective and no sweat at all.

Materials you will need

  • Baking soda (to help reduce some of the bad smell)
  • Paper towels
  • White water and white vinegar
  • Vacuum

Steps to follow

  1. Blot, do not rub

As much as possible, clean the pee or spill of your pet as early as you can. This stops the liquid from soaking the carpet all the way to the base. Once the liquid is absorbed, it will be more challenging to clean.

Pat the liquid with a paper towel and never rub it because the stain will get wider. When the paper towel is soaked, replace it with a new one to minimize the spread. Ensure to pat the spill or stain until dry.

  1. Use the vinegar

First, add a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar in a water bucket or spray bottle. For the strong smell of pet stains, add the volume of vinegar and lessen the water. You may also use pure vinegar.

Second, scrub the carpet to get rid of any lingering pet urine up to the base of the fabric.

The purpose of this is for the vinegar to lift off the bad-smelling stain from the base of the carpet. Plus, the vinegar is good at neutralizing the ammonia from a pet’s urine, thus eliminating the bad smell.

  1. Pour the baking soda and let it sit

Mix a solution of vinegar and baking soda again and apply it while the area is still wet.

Expect a fizzling of the mixture on the carpet as it is working on elevating the urine of the carpet. The carpet will absorb more mixture if you use your hand to scrub and have the carpet absorb it deeper. Then let it sit until the mixture is dry.

  1. Vacuum

Once the mixture is completely dry, which usually happens overnight, vacuum the dried baking soda.


There you go! Your carpet must be as fresh and clean as new. The materials mentioned above are purely natural and proven effective. Manufactured cleaners contain chemicals that can be harmful to our pets and, of course, humans. Therefore, the more we substitute it, the better. It is possible to enjoy carpets while bonding with a pet at home by following all the steps revealed above. After all, we wouldn’t mind having to clean more frequently as long as we keep our furry friends around.

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