Member of the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce

Steam Pros is a Chamber of commerce member

When you use a business that is a Chamber of Commerce member, you are using a business who is active in their community. You are also using a business of high integrity. Unethical and fly by night businesses do not bother to network with and participate in supporting community events. Chamber of Commerce members are those who love their community, invest in their community, and network with like-minded business owners and managers.

The members of the chamber of commerce are the individuals, businesses, and organizations that volunteer their time to help improve the socioeconomic climate their community. When joined together, this group of people have a much stronger voice than they would as individuals. 

Sometimes you’ll hear that chamber membership is similar to a gym membership, you need to use it to gain the benefits.

That’s not exactly true.

Regardless of whether you attend a single chamber event, the chamber is still tirelessly advocating for you and your business on a legislative side, ensuring that the voice of business is heard in city council, at the state senate, and on the federal level.

Even if you never attend a single networking breakfast, the chamber is likely still referring inquiries about your industry or product to you. Community members and travelers often seek suggestions from the chamber on businesses in town.

if you are a business owner, should you join the Chamber of Commerce?

Joining a chamber of commerce can provide several benefits for your business and individually. The chamber is often a powerful influence in the community, and your joining it will give you a voice in important community development projects. 

There are a couple different ways to get involved with your local chamber of commerce. You can go all in and join the board (if you’re elected) to have a wider influence in the community, or you can simply join your local chamber, representing your business, and take part in networking opportunities and board meetings without the additional responsibilities of being an officer on the board. 

The steam Pro’s is proud to be a part of the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce here in Florida. We’ve served the Fernandina Beach area for several years, and we’re glad to be an active part of the business community.

Chamber Member of Nassau County Fernandina Beach