Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is proven technology within the commercial carpet industry. Several of the nation’s largest commercial carpet manufacturers recommend and use various forms of encapsulation cleaning products to maintain their commercial floor coverings. Encapsulation formulas come in different forms, including shampoo products, pre-treat rinses, and spot cleaners.

Low moisture carpet cleaning has a number of distinct advantages:

  • Low moisture means very short dry times. The occupants can get back to business far quicker since a fraction of the amount of water is used.
  • Spots don’t mysteriously reappear after cleaning
  • Security- doors don’t have to be left open to accommodate hoses
  • Carpets that are loaded with soil attracting residue can be rehabilitated and will stay cleaner longer
  • Quiet machinery that can be utilized during regular business hours
  • Environmentally friendly. No harsh chemistry is used and the machines are electrically powered
  • Vastly decreased slip/fall hazards

The carpet cleaning process can be painful for the occupants of any establishment. Long dry times, lost productivity, off-hour access all contribute to a negative situation that most people would not want to endure. It’s no wonder they put off carpet cleaning until it’s absolutely necessary. Why not make it less painful by using The Steam Pros’ low moisture cleaning process. Our system not only provides these benefits but also lifts the carpet pile and prepares the fibers for a final cleaning which leaves your carpet in its best possible condition.