How to remove juice stains from carpet

Juice stains are a common problem in homes where there are small children. Nevertheless, using the right cleaning detergent can help revive your carpet.
However, you need to test your detergent on a small hidden justice stain to ensure that it suits your carpet and do not damage your carpet’s fiber.

Anytime juice spills, you should be quick to clean it before it soaks deep into the fibers. Stains from orange juice, grape juice, tomato juice, and cranberry juice can easily be cleaned without hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

The following are steps you need to follow to remove juice stains from your carpet.

Removing juice stains on the carpet

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Juice stains on the carpet won’t be a problem as long as you are quick to wipe the mess and follow the aforementioned steps for removing the stains.

How to remove stains

Step 1:Start by blotting to remove juice stains. You will have to blot throughout this process but not scrubbing. Blotting aims to ‘lift’ the stain and not rubbing it on the fibers. You need to work from the outside layer of the stain towards the center to ensure that the stain does not spread.

Step 2: Moisten the cloth using any of the cleaning detergents listed above and put it on top of the stain.

Step 3: Use the bottom side of the spoon to gently press the cloth on the stain, beginning from the outside to the middle. This helps the solution to work on the stain by rubbing the stain and not damaging the carpet fibers.

Step 4: Repeat this step to every other stain until there is no other stain appearing on the cloth.

Step 5: For cranberry juice stains you need to apply a 3% hydrogen peroxide and later, ammonia and blot. However you should not apply ammonia to oriental rugs or wool since it can damage the fiber.

Step 6: Use a rinsing solution to spray your carpet.

Step 7: Blot using a clean cloth.

Step 8: Spray using clean water.

Step 9: Blot using a clean cloth and repeat this step as many times as possible to make sure that all the cleaning solution has been removed.

Step 10: Cover the stain using a paper towel or a clean cloth and put heavyweight such as books on top.

Step 11: Leave the heavyweight on top for several hours so that the paper towel or cloth will absorb the remaining liquid.

Step 12: Remove the cloth and the weight and let the area dry.

Step 13: After the spot has dried completely, vacuum to make sure that the carpet gets back its texture and that the remaining cleaning solution residue is picked up.