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Katrina with The Steam Pros Of Jacksonville Beach

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Katrina Bowser has been in the carpet/upholstery cleaning business since 2007. She started her own business because she saw the need for high-quality work with attention to detail and respect for the customer. She had been in the medical billing business for 20 years and was getting tired of sitting in front of a computer screen for 10+ hours a day in a business that was going through a lot of difficult changes. And she discovered an opportunity. She frequently hired carpet/upholstery cleaners. Because she’s had lots of pets, she made a habit of cleaning her carpets and upholstery twice a year. But she seemed to encounter various problems: the need to go behind the cleaners and clean more after they left, having one price quoted over the phone and a higher price when they arrived, carpets left soaking wet, discomfort in being alone with the stranger in the house, and sometimes… all of the above. She decided, “I can do this better!” So she took classes from The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification), used chemistry skills from college, and applied what she had been doing to clean behind the cleaners she’d hired. Now she is a certified technician and owner of The Steam Pros.

Once she began to learn everything she could about carpet/upholstery cleaning, she didn’t let anything stop her. She’s cleaned just about everything: antique furniture, mohair couches, suede headboards, RVs, automobiles, car seats, mattresses, even dog beds, and cat trees. Katrina’s philosophy is, “If it’s a textile or has upholstery or carpet on it, I can clean She sold her nine-year-old carpet/upholstery cleaning business in Nevada and moved here in the fall of 2016 to start a new one. By the time the move was coordinated, Angela was ready to come with her mom after spreading her wings and living in a couple of different states. Katrina picked Angela up in New Mexico and they traveled 2,700 miles in five days with six cats and four dogs. They started over with a new business, The Steam Pros, built from the ground up, and haven’t looked back.

When asked what is unique about her business and sets it apart, her answer is, “I set out to do better, differently, with the goal of treating every customer like I’d want to be treated. I treat every animal as if it were my own, and every house as if it were my mother’s. Turns out, I really love what I do; I’m really good at it, and I love where I live. I work hard every day and I love every bit of it.” She loves it so much that she built a shop on her property where she cleans area rugs with free pickup and delivery. Or she can clean rugs in place. It just depends on the rug material, size, and soiling. She has also invested $100,000 in equipment to enable the best quality services possible and has received specialized training from the IICRC, which sets the highest standards for this industry.

The Steam Pros offers residential and commercial service and provides emergency response. Bowser’s advice to potential customers? 1. Hire a certified technician, it makes a difference. 2.Don’t let a bad past experience deter you; that’s how I got into this business. 3. If you don’t know if it’s cleanable, give me a call; it’s what I do best. Estimates are always free. And what else people should know about her? My parents taught me to always do my best, be my best, and be kind to everyone. In my spare time, I like to jet ski, hike, and bicycle the beautiful Florida trails, hunt for sharks’ teeth (which I didn’t know Amelia Island was famous for before I moved here). I paint in Watercolor, I’m writing a book, and I donated my left kidney to save a life.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

carpet cleaning machineAsk any homeowner what they could recommend to make their home’s more comfortable and chances are you will get carpet as an answer several times. Carpets are just great to own since they can provide you with a ton of benefits. Carpets just make the home more beautiful and appealing but the catch is that it can sometimes be tough to clean.

Carpet owners want the best for their carpets but sometimes they may actually be doing the wrong things that make the situation worse. There are carpet owners who commit silly mistakes that end up harming their carpets or damaging it sometimes beyond repair.

I know that you do not want to be one of these homeowners and to help you make sure of this you should read the informative post below to find out what mistakes you should avoid in cleaning your carpet.

Mistake #1: Not Cleaning It Regularly

Regular carpet cleaning is one of the most important things that carpet owners should do. It is really a very big responsibility to clean your carpet regularly because a lot of consequences can come about if you do not do it. Sadly, there are still many homeowners who commit the mistake of not cleaning their carpets regularly and they are just surprised to see their carpets becoming extremely filthy or sometimes damaged. The dust, dirt and other particles which can get on your carpet can cause build-up which affects its appearance as well as its condition and quality thus not cleaning it regularly is certainly one of the big mistakes that you can commit as a carpet owner.

Mistake #2: Letting Stains Set on the Carpet

Carpet stains are sometimes unavoidable no matter how hard we try. While we cannot really control the kinds of stains which can get on our carpets, one thing we can control though is the extent of the damage of the stain. One mistake which homeowners do is to allow the stain on their carpets to set which end up causing a bigger headache that it should. Stubborn stains come about if you let your carpets stains to set thus you should try to avoid doing this to save yourself from trouble and a lot of frustration.

These two mistakes can make your life as a carpet owner a lot more difficult thus you should make sure to avoid them as much as you can. Good luck in cleaning your carpet!

How to Remove Oil From Carpet

oil on carpetMany think that removing oil stain from carpet is impossible. However, that is not true. Although it can be quite challenging to remove them, there are several methods that you can try.

In this article, you will learn three effective methods of how to remove oil stains from carpet. Here are they:

The Baking Soda Method

Baking soda has properties that help neutralize oil, making it much easier to remove on the carpet. Here are the steps on how to remove oil stains from carpet:

1. Put baking soda on the stained area

Cover the stained area with baking soda. Make sure to use a generous amount of baking soda. If you have no baking soda, you can also corn starch as an alternative.

2. Rub the baking soda into the carpet

Make sure that the baking soda gets into the fabrics of the carpet. To do this, use a non-abrasive rug and rub it the baking soda over the area with oil stain. You can also use an old soft-bristled toothbrush instead of a rug.

3. Let it sit then vacuum

Allow the baking soda to sit for at least 15 minutes. After that, you can then vacuum all of the powder.

4. Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid

Put a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid on the oil stain then rub it gently using an old toothbrush or utility brush. After that, pour warm water over the stained area and blot the liquid with a sponge or clean cloth.

5. Dry

Let the carpet air dry completely. Once it dries, make sure to check whether all of the fibers are free from oil stains.

The Dry Cleaning Solvent Method

Dry cleaning solvent is a liquid typically used by carpet cleaning professionals. However, it is available in supermarkets and home improvement stores. Here are the steps on how you can use it to remove oil stains:

1. Apply the solution over the stained area

Put the dry cleaning solvent on a clean cloth. Press the cloth over the stained area. Make sure that it is hard enough for the solvent to penetrate into the fibers.

2. Let it sit

Using a cleaning paper towel or cloth, blot the excess solvent from the carpet. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

3. Check for stain traces

Check whether there are still signs of stain. If there are, repeat steps 1 and 2. If it is completely gone, then you are done.

The Alcohol Method

Another way to remove oil stains is by using alcohol. However, using this is only advisable for synthetic carpets because natural fiber might be ruined when you apply alcohol over them. Here are the steps on how you can use alcohol to remove oil stains:

1. Put alcohol on a paper towel

Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. You can also use a clean cloth if you prefer.

2. Press the alcohol on the stained area

Gently press the towel or cloth with alcohol over the stained area. Do this until the stain is not visible anymore. If needed, use more alcohol.

3. Air dry

Remove the excess alcohol by doing blotting motion using a clean sponge, paper towel, or cloth. Rinse the area with water then blot it again. After that, let it air dry completely.

Final Word

There you have it. Those are the quick and easy methods that you can try to remove the ugly oil stains from your carpet.

How to Remove Food Stains from Carpet

food stains on carpetStains, particularly food stains, can ruin a good carpet. While most food stains are not visible, some are quite obvious and unsightly. Truth be told, it is impossible to completely avoid messing up our carpets with food stains no matter how much we wish we could. Fortunately, there are various ways of removing food stains from carpets.


  1. Remove the food


The first move in rescuing your carpet from the stain is to remove the food right away. You should put away the food from the carpet as soon as possible before the stain gets stuck to it. Remove it by hand or use the vacuum, in cases where removing by hand does not work. If it the food stain is already stuck, you can scrape it with a ruler or a knife.


  1. Blot the stain with a wet cloth


Water-based stains like soda, milk, alcoholic beverages, and food dyes are the easiest to remove. They can be washed easily when they are wet and blot. To remove water-based stains, just dab the damp cloth with warm water. This should be done right away before the stain dries up on the carpet.


  1. Apply warm water on stained area


Warm water is the most common remedy of ordinary stain problems. If you are dealing with a water-based stain, you can simply rinse it with warm water. Keep applying the warm water on the carpet until the stain is completely removed.


  1. Combine vinegar and water to form a homemade compound


Stir the vinegar and water together in a container. With that combination, you will have a compound suitable for stain problems.


Get a new damp cloth, dip it unto the solution, and dab it to the stained area. Let it rest for a while until you are sure that carpet has absorbed the solution. To make this process easier, place a spoon to cloth to apply pressure. It is a good trick for easy absorption of the homemade compound.


  1. Make a baking soda paste


This remedy is for serious stain problems. You can make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Rub the paste unto the affected area and let it rest for up to 20 minutes. Afterwards, you can remove the stain with a cloth. When it is all dried up, vacuum the remaining baking soda paste.


  1. Blot again, but this time with a paper towel


After you blot the carpet with a wet cloth and solution, you can use a paper towel to blot the mess further. The solution may have worked effectively. Nonetheless, blotting for the second time will help to remove any remaining stains.




This procedure is simple and easy to follow. However, do not fret if you will not be successful in getting rid of the stains completely. There are some stains that are difficult to remove especially if you did not act right away. If this is the case, it is recommendable to hire professional cleaners to get rid of the food stain on your carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery cleaning pic

Using a vacuum tool to clean sofa

Furniture should be cleaned at least twice a year to maintain a healthy home. Dirt and stains are common in every home, and spills may occur at any time. When cleaning upholstery, it is important to know how to handle different fabrics. There are mainly three types: leather, fabric and synthetic. Most couches have coded tags with instructions for cleaning each.

See our Upholstery Cleaning Service for more info.


What you need to clean upholstery

For cleaning upholstery, cleaners can be used or homemade cleaners. The latter are cheaper than store-bought cleaners. In case you are using homemade cleaning solution, you will need baking soda, water, liquid dish soap and vinegar. Other equipment includes handheld upholstery vacuum, brush, spray bottle, and a handheld garment cleaner.


General cleaning of the upholstery  

  • Always test any cleaner in a hidden area of the fabric first. A handheld garment steamer or steam iron can be used to kill dust mites if needed. In the absence of either, a handheld vacuum can be used.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner, go over the whole couch, taking off any removable cushion fabric as far back as you can reach. Then go along the seams, buttons, and frills if any.

Invest in the Right Fabric Cleaner

Moreover, invest in a fabric cleaner meant specifically for your type of upholstery. This ensures that all the stain and dirt is removed. Avoid fabric softeners and opt for air drying to obtain better results. Use free and clear detergents that contain no dye and scents.


Air the Fibers

Next, to remove smoke and scents from pets, air the fibers out for a few days first. Then, sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for an hour. Vacuum clean it off totally then use a steam mop to help you lift out the stains. You can repeat this for several rounds for tough smells and stains.


Removing different stains

To begin with, avoid rubbing the stains, more so when the liquid is colored. Instead, use absorbent materials on the surface. Some types of fabrics are too sensitive to be heavily scrubbed. Dust and vacuum furniture often. This prevents dirt from sticking on the surfaces. Also, vacuuming often ensures that the upholstery does not have patches of worn-out fabric.


Dealing with food stains

To deal with food stains effectively, follow these steps:

  • Mix one tablespoon of dish soap or laundry detergent in one cup of cold water.
  • Blot the stain with a cloth soaked in the solution.
  • Soak up excess grease stains by pouring baking soda on the surface.
  • After 20 minutes, wipe off everything and remove any remains using a toothbrush and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Alternatively, you can use salt instead of baking soda.


If you are dealing with marker stains, use alcohol to remove them. Rub the alcohol and let it set in for about 30 minutes then dab from the edges moving into the middle.


For bloody cases, cold water or ice can be used to get rid of it. Afterward, use ordinary laundry detergent in a washing machine to remove remaining stains.


Removing food crumbs and pet hair

Remove pet hair, grit and food crumbs using tape. This can be done by wrapping the tape around your hand like a glove with the adhesive side out. Gently tap the spot and the above will stick on the tape.



These are just a few of the ways you can keep your upholstery clean for a longer period. Also, the quality of air in your living room area will improve. Your home will be dust and allergen-free. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any upper respiratory diseases in your home.

The Secret to Removing a Pet Stain on Carpet

Pet stain removal tipsCarpets, unlike hardwood, vinyl, tile, or any hard-surfaced doors, keep your pets from slip and slides. Also, carpeting is noise muffling and your pet will appreciate the soft and cozy place it provides for a snooze.

See our  Pet Stain Removal page for more info.

The only thing is that you will never keep your carpet free from carpet stains all the time. Accidents and spills cannot be avoided by most pet owners. Good thing there are secrets to removing pet stains on your carpet.

Without further due, here are tips for you to have a clean and comfortable carpet while living with your pets. It is effective and no sweat at all.

Materials you will need

  • Baking soda (to help reduce some of the bad smell)
  • Paper towels
  • White water and white vinegar
  • Vacuum

Steps to follow

  1. Blot, do not rub

As much as possible, clean the pee or spill of your pet as early as you can. This stops the liquid from soaking the carpet all the way to the base. Once the liquid is absorbed, it will be more challenging to clean.

Pat the liquid with a paper towel and never rub it because the stain will get wider. When the paper towel is soaked, replace it with a new one to minimize the spread. Ensure to pat the spill or stain until dry.

  1. Use the vinegar

First, add a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar in a water bucket or spray bottle. For the strong smell of pet stains, add the volume of vinegar and lessen the water. You may also use pure vinegar.

Second, scrub the carpet to get rid of any lingering pet urine up to the base of the fabric.

The purpose of this is for the vinegar to lift off the bad-smelling stain from the base of the carpet. Plus, the vinegar is good at neutralizing the ammonia from a pet’s urine, thus eliminating the bad smell.

  1. Pour the baking soda and let it sit

Mix a solution of vinegar and baking soda again and apply it while the area is still wet.

Expect a fizzling of the mixture on the carpet as it is working on elevating the urine of the carpet. The carpet will absorb more mixture if you use your hand to scrub and have the carpet absorb it deeper. Then let it sit until the mixture is dry.

  1. Vacuum

Once the mixture is completely dry, which usually happens overnight, vacuum the dried baking soda.



There you go! Your carpet must be as fresh and clean as new. The materials mentioned above are purely natural and proven effective. Manufactured cleaners contain chemicals that can be harmful to our pets and, of course, humans. Therefore, the more we substitute it, the better. It is possible to enjoy carpets while bonding with a pet at home by following all the steps revealed above. After all, we wouldn’t mind having to clean more frequently as long as we keep our furry friends around.


Tips in Cleaning Up Baby Food on the Carpet

Baby food removed with carpet cleaning tipsBabies are such a joy to have in our lives. They are just so cute and they bring a lot of happiness and smiles to any household. Taking care of a baby can be tough but it is well worth it once you see his or her beautiful smile.

One of the challenges in taking care of a baby is that you have to constantly have to clean up after them. Babies can be really messy and oftentimes you end up facing spills and stains in your home because of them. Spilling baby food on your carpet can be one of the more common situations that homeowners face and this can indeed be tough for any inexperienced carpet owner.

If you are one of these homeowners who are not that good in cleaning baby food spills on your carpet, take a read at the useful guide below to help you in restoring the condition and appearance of your carpet in no time.

  1. Using a clean spoon, try to slowly extract the spilled baby food on the carpet. Do this slowly so that you will avoid spreading the spill over a wider area on the carpet. Also take some paper towels and blot the affected area to help remove the liquid particles which cannot be removed using the spoon.
  2. Take a teaspoon of white vinegar and then add it to a cup of warm water in order to prepare a cleaning agent that will help you to get rid of the baby food stain. Place this in an empty spray bottle and then take it with you to where you accidentally spilled the baby food.
  3. Use the spray bottle to apply some of the cleaning solution you have made on the baby food stain on your carpet. Allow a few seconds to let the cleaning solution soak the stain and then use a clean white cloth to again blot the stained area repeatedly.
  4. Repeat the previous step as often as necessary until you are able to completely eliminate the ugly baby food stain. This is going to take several attempts but soon your carpet will be nice and clean once more.
  5. To finish off the job rinse the area where the baby food stain used to be using a cup of room temperature water to help remove the residue that could stay behind. Dry it off using a clean towel and then you’re done.


Tips to Keeping Your Tile Floors Clean

Tile Cleaning ProsTile flooring is a preferred choice for areas at home that has a high tendency to get wet from time to time like bathrooms, kitchens, etc. With proper maintenance and care, these floors can last a lifetime. You just need to clean and maintain it regularly to keep its lustrous look. Here are some tips to keep your tile floors clean.


  1. Clean stains and spill as soon as possible


Floors do get dirty from time to time. Stains and spills happen and food crumbs get stuck too. And the worst thing is, stains and spills get worse when not cleaned immediately. Thus, it is important to clean it as soon as you notice any spills or stains on your tile floors to prevent leaving a permanent stain, or worse, collect more dirt that sticks. Sweep and mop your tile floors regularly. The more you do it, the easier the task will be because the stain and dirt won’t stick around.


  1. Use mats


Place mats in strategic locations or in areas where stains and spills usually take place. Mats are good at catching spills, stains, and dirt that gets on your tile floors. Go for a mat that is easy to wash and clean.


  1. Sweep before you mop


Before you start mopping or scrubbing, sweep or vacuum your tile floor first. Using a mop or scrubbing the floor without sweeping first could encourage dirt to stick on the floor. Clean your floor first with a vacuum or broom, whatever works for you.


  1. Dry the floors after scrubbing or mopping


To prevent dirt from sticking on your floor after scrubbing or mopping, dry the floors with a towel. You can also wear socks when cleaning the floors to prevent leaving dirt stains behind.


  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals


Bleach or other cleaner contains harsh chemicals that may tarnish your tile floors. As much as possible, avoid using them in cleaning your floors. You can use warm water or a small amount of dish soap to clean the floor.


  1. Clean the floor regularly


Clean the floor using a broom or a vacuum cleaner regularly. This will help remove debris, dirt, and dust from drying or sticking on the tile, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. You should at least do it at least twice a week, or if your time permits, do it on a daily basis.


How to clean your tile floors?


After learning some tips on how to keep your tile floors clean, let us now learn more about how to do basic tile floor cleaning.



  • Vacuum or broom and dustpan
  • Dry cloth
  • Bucket
  • Mop or rag


  • Warm Water
  • Mild dish soap or all-purpose cleaner

Step 1: Clean the floors using a vacuum cleaner or a broom, paying attention to every nook and cranny.

Step 2: Mop the floor using warm water. If there are no visible or tough stains, running a damp rag or mop would be enough. Otherwise, use mild dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner and mix it with water. For tougher stains, use disinfectant; however, limit it to the area on the tough stain to avoid degrading or discoloring your tile floor.

Step 3: Dry the floor with a clean cloth after mopping or running with a damp rag to avoid dirt or dust from sticking on your newly cleaned floor.


So, you see, cleaning and keeping your tile floors is as easy as 123. There is no wonder why tile floors are still in demand up to now because of its aesthetics and hassle-free maintenance. Clean and scrub that dirt away.



How to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Fresh carpet cleaningCarpets accumulate dirt and debris over time that can be harmful to your health which is why cleaning it is important, not just to maintain its appearance but also to ensure you maintain your health. Nevertheless, carpets are known to be notoriously hard to clean, and vacuuming them often isn’t enough to ensure its clean state – even if you vacuum them every day.

However, deep-cleaning your carpet yourself isn’t recommended as you may end up doing more harm than good. As such, it’s better to hire professionals to do the job as they have the knowledge and expertise, as well as the tools and equipment, to give your carpeted floors a good cleaning.

The question now lies with how to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. To help you with this, highlighted below are some tips on choosing the right carpet cleaning company for your needs.


  1. Use referrals.

This can be in the form of online recommendations or from family and friends. Through this method, you can have some peace of mind as the company has been tested by someone and received favorable reviews.

  1. Inquire

Once you have your candidates, the next step you should be doing is inquiring about their services. Think of it as an interview of sorts. This involves learning about the extent of their professional experience, how long they have been in the industry and their credentials as a company.

You need to be as thorough as possible and each answer should be consistent as this can help determine their trustworthiness and reliability.

  1. Ask for an assessment.

Before committing to one company’s services, ask if they can send a representative to assess the service needed for your space’s carpeted floors. Discuss in detail what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Don’t forget to have it in a written agreement to ensure that what has been quoted will be the actual cost of the job.

  1. Contract signing.

Once all the details have been agreed upon, it’s time to sign the contract or invoice. This will have a breakdown of all the services involved. Make sure to thoroughly check the details as this will serve as your proof in case an issue comes up.

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company should be done carefully as poor quality service can result in the unnecessary replacement of your carpets. With the right professional carpet cleaners, you won’t just be able to restore your carpet to its former glory but ensure it doesn’t cause you health problems as well.

How We Do Upholstery Cleaning

If you have upholstered fabrics in your home or office, they get dirty and they need cleaning.  Can you imagine, sitting on the same fabric for years without cleaning it?  YUCK.

But upholstery must be cleaned safely.  A lot of cleaning methods with water can harm upholstery if it’s not done right.  Many sofas, recliners, sectional couches, and chairs have rayon, cotton, and other fabrics that are delicate.  They “can” be cleaned with water, but only if it’s done with a lower PH and low moisture.

A few pieces of fine upholstery may need to be dry cleaned.  We always perform a clean-ability test before we clean so we can see the best method of cleaning.  We’re as safe as possible with your delicate fabrics.

Upholstery is where the family and pets spend most of the time relaxing or watching TV, making it a prime target for collecting body oils, dust, pet dander and food stains.  Cleaning your upholstery will greatly improve your home or business indoor air quality.  Upholstery is not all the same and may need different methods of cleaning depending on the material.  For example, some may require a low moisture product. Being certified and trained by the IICRC give us the knowledge to choose the correct method

1- Upholstery is pre-inspected for any damage and fabric identification

2- Upholstery is dry vaccuumed to remove most dry particle soils

3- Pre-spray the upholstery and work it in with a soft horsehair brush, to help loosen soil and body oils

4- Steam clean with our state of the art truck-mounted cleaning machine and low moisture upholstery tool, leaves upholstery clean and almost completely dry

5- Dry with our rapid dry system air-path fans

6- We apply odor eliminator that destroys odor causing bacteria and leaves a fresh scent

7- Fabric protector is great for preventing wear and tear and making stains easier to remove during cleaning – an additional charge applies

When we finish cleaning, we always make sure the upholstery is set up so that it will dry quickly after we leave.  And you’ll want to turn on any fans and air conditioning is possible.  This will help the drying too.





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