How We Do Upholstery Cleaning

If you have upholstered fabrics in your home or office, they get dirty and they need cleaning.  Can you imagine, sitting on the same fabric for years without cleaning it?  YUCK.

But upholstery must be cleaned safely.  A lot of cleaning methods with water can harm upholstery if it’s not done right.  Many sofas, recliners, sectional couches, and chairs have rayon, cotton, and other fabrics that are delicate.  They “can” be cleaned with water, but only if it’s done with a lower PH and low moisture.

A few pieces of fine upholstery may need to be dry cleaned.  We always perform a clean-ability test before we clean so we can see the best method of cleaning.  We’re as safe as possible with your delicate fabrics.

Upholstery is where the family and pets spend most of the time relaxing or watching TV, making it a prime target for collecting body oils, dust, pet dander and food stains.  Cleaning your upholstery will greatly improve your home or business indoor air quality.  Upholstery is not all the same and may need different methods of cleaning depending on the material.  For example, some may require a low moisture product. Being certified and trained by the IICRC give us the knowledge to choose the correct method

1- Upholstery is pre-inspected for any damage and fabric identification

2- Upholstery is dry vaccuumed to remove most dry particle soils

3- Pre-spray the upholstery and work it in with a soft horsehair brush, to help loosen soil and body oils

4- Steam clean with our state of the art truck-mounted cleaning machine and low moisture upholstery tool, leaves upholstery clean and almost completely dry

5- Dry with our rapid dry system air-path fans

6- We apply odor eliminator that destroys odor causing bacteria and leaves a fresh scent

7- Fabric protector is great for preventing wear and tear and making stains easier to remove during cleaning – an additional charge applies

When we finish cleaning, we always make sure the upholstery is set up so that it will dry quickly after we leave.  And you’ll want to turn on any fans and air conditioning is possible.  This will help the drying too.





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