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The Steam Pros Cleaning in Fernandina Beach & Yulee

At The Steam Pros, we pride ourselves on cleaning your home or business professionally and effectively using the latest new equipment with the highest heat and shortest drying time in the industry. We offer both Low Moisture cleaning and High Heat/Fast Dry steam cleaning for a superior clean.

Katrina owner of Steampros Cleaning


Your home is your sanctuary, and you want it to be a healthy environment where you can relax, but when dirt and dust are allowed to settle and allergens are allowed to grow, your health can suffer. It’s especially important to keep your upholstery and floors clean. The Health Facilities Institute points out that upholstery and carpets are one of the most common places where potentially harmful chemicals, mold, and allergens collect. Tiles can be danger areas as well; bacteria can thrive in the grout lines.

Even though you may vacuum, mop and sweep regularly, without a professional cleaning, microorganisms and bio-pollutants are able to collect deep down in your upholstery and floors. The Steam Pros uses high heat steam cleaning to remove those hidden threats. When you hire The Steam Pros, you hire cleaning experts.

The Steam Pros does new construction cleaning. We provide the extra services required to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Whether it’s a room remodel or a new business, we do it all. Our professional cleaning crew will clean your site top to bottom and have it ready to move in.

We only employ IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technicians which is the highest standard in the cleaning business.

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